Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

Travel to Exotic Thailand

Why TS Travel?

Before creating TS Travel, I was an English teacher for over three years in Tokyo, Japan, Bangkok, Thailand, and Seoul, South Korea. Another three years after that, I was a journalist with The Japan Times, China Daily, and International Business Daily. I produced comprehensive country specific business and government reports that were published in Japan and China and read throughout the world. I have met with and interviewed some of the world's most influential business and government leaders. I have met heads of state and members of royal families. I have lived in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Ukraine, Venezuela, Australia, Denmark and Brazil for months at a time. From those countries, I have visited another 25 countries on my own. In college, I traveled to South Africa, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. There are few better examples of a world traveler.

I travel out of necessity. I need to travel because I need to see the world. I need to see as much as time will allow so that I can learn as much as I can. I also need to share this love for travel with you!

As TS Travel's Creator I Will

  • Lead every trip as a Group Leader
  • Show you a world you did not know existed
  • Provide you a safer means of traveling the world on your own

I Will Not

  • Break your bank
  • Plan boring trips
  • Permit you missing out on a lifelong learning experience