Ancient City of Ayuthaya, Thailand

Travel to Exotic Thailand

What's Included

At TS Travel, we understand that most are on a tighter budget these days. That's why we have the best trips to the best locations at reasonable prices. From airline tickets and hotels to sightseeing tours, we take care of it all. That means you can focus on what's most important - discovering some of the world's most exciting places and cultures while making lifelong friends.

Every TS Travel trip includes the following

TS Group Leaders: Why travel alone when you can join a TS Travel tour led by one of our expert Group Leaders? Our Group Leaders are dedicated to making your trip memorable. Their knowledge ensures that you get the most out of every sightseeing spot, not to mention the peace of mind you will have knowing that you are safe throughout your entire trip.

Roundtrip flights: TS Travel flies with major airlines from a choice of U.S. cities.

Guided sightseeing: Local guides offer educational and cultural insights about each destination.

Quality hotels: Our travelers stay in clean, safe and centrally located hotels that offer private bathrooms with easy access to major attractions.

Meals: For the most part, breakfast is provided daily. Lunch and dinner give travelers the freedom to dive into the local cuisine.

Transportation: Travel between destinations is trains, planes, ferries and boats.

Entrance to cultural attractions: The trip includes visits to some of the world's best museums, monuments, and pieces of history.