Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai Historical Park

Travel to Exotic Thailand

Benefits of Travel

Next Generation Skills

Firsthand knowledge of current world events is a priceless asset for making it in this economy. TS just opens the door to the world for you. Picture yourself in a job interview or business meeting, relating something you've learned directly to the task at hand. You will get noticed.

Maturity and Experience

As you explore these new places, you’ll discover who you really are and realize what interests and motivates you. Traveling abroad encourages new ideas and methods of thought. The TS experience assures that each of you becomes more autonomous and open-minded toward other ways of life. You instantly become a member of the international community.

Lifelong Friends and Memories

From eating sushi at Tokyo's famous Tsukiji Fish Market, to riding a bicycle through numerous European cities, to taking in Thai culture and cuisine, TS Travelers become more culturally aware, gain confidence, and realize their potential for the future. It's life changing.

These are defining experiences you'll share with fellow travelers during a TS trip. New friendships will blossom; memories will last a lifetime. The TS experience gives you direct access to the rest of the world.